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Message from the CEO

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It gives me great pleasure to introduce UDS group of Hotels & Resorts – the leading and the most dynamically expanding Hospitality Company in, Kerala India.chairman

We have taken it upon ourselves to lead by example and set new industry standards serving our loyal guests and hard-working employees with a vision for establishing a safer, more advanced, and sustainable hospitality sector. UDS group is distinguished not just by ownership, but unique hospitality management team. Deluxe services tailored on the needs of our guests have gained us an unmatched reputation and the competitive edge to differentiate our hotels and position the company as the leader of the industry.

I feel very privileged to manage a team of young and energetic professionals, who are both hard-working and progressive. Our Passion is to enable greatness in people by empowering them and providing an opportunity to grow. Each and every member of our organization shares the same fundamental values that help inspire and motivate others and fuel efficiency on every level. We are motivated to thrive on challenges and driven to succeed through balancing commitments and opportunities including staff trainings, exchanges, and other types of positive reinforcement. We have become the leading provider of hospitality industry jobs in various parts of the country, while embracing diversity and gender balance and maintaining up to date experience in the hospitality industry. Despite having a stellar track record in management, I truly believe that the best of our team’s potential has yet to flourish.

We are expanding presence in other parts of Kerala to open by the first quarter of 2017. At the same time, an emerging hospitality industry requires collaborative solutions. UDS group has a track record of progress, well-rounded human resources. During the time of rapidly-changing industry and unprecedented influx of tourists, we have been able to live up to the challenge and keep offering excellent quality to our guests. And wherever we are present our teams continue to make UDS unique: we are a people business living our strong values and we are true hosts- inspired by the YES I CAN! ethos & creating personal relationships with our guests, we strongly believe that , quite simply, every moment matters.

In addition, we have managed to become a leader in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility, while setting an example for those who desire to give back to the society.

Our goal is to help transform the lives of people from underserved communities and inspire the next generation to be innovative leaders in the hospitality industry.

Thank you for joining us on our Journey Since 1995

Raja Gopaal Iyer (RAJ)


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